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Simplicity from A to Z

Simplicity from A to Z

In the heart of Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam, the architects of the XYZ office took up a challenge: build a villa on 450 m2 and keep as much space, light and privacy as possible. The result is a cozy haven of greenery.

Breaking with the traditional architecture of Ho-Chi-Minh-Ville, this construction immediately offers a calm universe, isolated from the street by openwork walls. The narrowness of the land allows proximity to the natural elements found on the three floors. By intertwining, no monotony, since the stone paths, the marble slabs, the stone, the light woods and the plain fabrics highlight a varied furniture, either plain and clear, or frankly lively, sometimes light, always current. Indirect light takes over from natural lighting that infiltrates a fluid circulation between the living rooms. The separate kitchen invigorates the atmosphere with its clean lines and a beautiful anise color. A wide internal staircase fits into a skeleton cage, allowing its shadow lines to be drawn on the white wall. The third floor, dedicated to relaxation, harmoniously completes this spacious house. If the construction is rectilinear and functional, the original touches are discreet and assumed: a porthole on the facade, an unexpected element of color or material, an inventive treatment of light wood for the front door. The XYZ office offers the coherence of city architecture for a better space-city-rest ratio.

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