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Rustic loft in Mexico

Rustic loft in Mexico


In the region of Nuevo León, Mexico, the architectural firm ByMura Design Studio is committed to bringing to life a home whose inhabitants will forget the city and connect to the vastness of nature in an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

An authentic experience of rest and family coexistence. This is the new architectural achievement of the Mexican agency ByMura Design Studio. Located in the El Barrial area of ​​the municipality of Santiago, in Nuevo León, Mexico, this residence thrives away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The urban landmarks gradually disappear until the visitor gets lost completely in the middle of the forest, with panoramic views over a tree-lined valley and endless mountains. The theme is dictated by the environment, which becomes the main character of the project from every point of view. The designers give priority to the landscape, in order to incorporate it and integrate it inwards. They offer a contrast between the rustic style, evoking nature, and the industrial loft effect, which corresponds to the needs of the family. The materials are selected to achieve this harmony and enhance the properties of the site, where raw wood, stone and exposed concrete predominate. Everywhere, rigid forms merge with organic lines in fabrics, accessories, wooden pieces and furniture designed exclusively for this abode, while keeping in mind the functionality of each space, its practicality and ease of maintenance.

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