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Reinterpretation of the traditional Portuguese building

Reinterpretation of the traditional Portuguese building


Located in the district of Porto and the Northern region, Santo Tirso is the municipality that hosts the new project of the Portuguese architectural firm Hous3. Built in the heart of nature, this vast and luxurious house occupies an area of 286 m2.

The Hous3 architectural firm started the project in Santo Tirso, Portugal, based on the results of the analysis of the client’s personality and desires, the quality of the territory to be exploited and the way in which daily life evolves and undergoes constant changes. In the heart of the nature of the district of Porto, stands this imposing house, whose simple and balanced lines are only the reinterpretation of the stereotype of the traditional Portuguese house, characterized by its gable roof. The longitudinal shape of the land, on which the villa is built, allows the architects to orientate their construction in such a way that nothing can block the beautiful landscapes that the building overlooks. An atrium of decompression for all those who are in search of naturalness and harmony. Thus, in order to facilitate the adaptation of its occupant to the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, this beautiful temple has a sublime decor that makes you want to be there, thanks to the craftsmen who built it. The simplicity and relevance of its interior design, its clear walls and minimalist style, this home offers a peaceful living space.

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