A creative and visionary smart building


In Strasbourg, France, a new head office for SOPREMA is designed by the Vincent Callebaut Architects office. With the appearance of a paddy field, this futuristic building is inspired by biomimicry. Promoting well-being at work, it is built at the heart of a connected landscape, dedicated to urban agriculture.

On the Port du Rhin, in Strasbourg, the new head office of SOPREMA, the Sémaphore, is in the process of being built. Designed by the French studio Vincent Callebaut Architects, this eco-futuristic building will cover 8,225 m² and will be an exhaustive showcase of the entire range of products developed in terms of insulation, waterproofing and greening by the French company. Merging environmental expertise with very high quality of use, it aims to become a world reference in terms of contemporary working environment. SOPREMA is a family firm that has transformed, in a century, into a multinational. This entrepreneurial spirit, close to human and convivial, is reflected in the building’s programming. Thus, the project is an ecological prototype of the green city of the future, a city that aims to be progressively post-carbon, post-petroleum, post-nuclear and even post-insecticide. In short, a resilient city, weaving the right symbiosis between the actions of men and their environment. To overcome this challenge, construction has turned into a real climate, green and smart, sustainable and Zen mini-hero, reflecting the desire of all company employees, office workers and workers, to build a better future for generations to come. The Sémaphore, with its wooded rice field, weaves an intimate relationship with water. Its large cascading green terraces benefit from maximum sunshine and exceptional views. The new marina is a natural extension of the building, inviting staff to soft mobility and lounging. Thus, the designers intend to prove that the city of tomorrow will be resolutely green and organic.


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