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Panoramic opening

Panoramic opening


In the Netherlands, in the village of Hilvarenbeek, the dutch architectural offices Bedaux de Brouwer and i29 create a magnificent one-storey residence in the midst of greenery, sober and elegant, in which all the interior rooms communicate with each other as well as with the exterior in a fluid manner.

With a minimalist approach to design and mainly using sober materials, the dutch studios Bedaux de Brouwer and i29 realize, in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands, a luxurious villa, whose highest quality is the harmonious integration of the interior and the exterior in every detail. Designed for a family of four, this generous 400 m2 house is ecological and spacious, with all its rooms connected horizontally. At the center of the living space, the designers place a lush green patio. Sliding doors, which run from floor to ceiling, allow open views to the garden and pool. Cabinets, kitchen and furniture are designed and made to measure, so that the architecture and the interior decoration form a homogeneous unit. The soft, solid color palette contributes to a relaxed atmosphere. As for the black brick facades, they adapt wonderfully to the natural environment, and large planters with greenery are integrated right at the frontside of the building. The house is built for efficient use, with geothermal energy storage, a heat pump and solar collectors on the roof. Despite its many open perspectives and transparent bays, it remains private and protected, thanks to its green and intelligent layout.

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