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On the west coast of Mallorca

On the west coast of Mallorca

On the west coast of Mallorca image

In Mallorca, a summer island where large villas abound, nothing, or almost, impresses. This, until the entry into scene of this residence imagined by Domus Vivendi, whose size, but also the rental – on the edge of the cliff – do nothing less than take your breath away.

On the west coast of Mallorca, stretch the Tramuntana mountains which overlook the Mediterranean. To build on these cliffs, classified as World Heritage, is to compete with a thousand-year-old nature. With 2,530 m2 at their disposal, the architects of Domus Vivendi, allied with Terraza Balear for interior design, are up to the challenge. 3 residences are then connected, connected by 3 terraces and 1 23-meter infinity pool, offering a magnificent view of the bay. In the heart of the main house, the living room is in the spotlight. At double height, the room is a tribute to nature: marbled floor, living green walls, water curtain and central fireplace open to the metal fireplace. An ambiance reflected in the adjoining building, where the gym-spa-sauna trio is coupled with a twin living room, but with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, for summer barbecue evenings. From there, we pass to the final residence, designed as a self-contained house for guests and enjoying a flowered pergola overlooking the swimming pool. A unique concept, the property stands out most by its small treasures, sown at the whim of its parts. At the entrance stands a centenary olive tree; in the kitchen, an aquarium forms the base of the working island; on the walls is the opulent traditional Mallorcan rock. As the saying goes, god is in the details!

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