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On the hillside

On the hillside


In the italian region of Lombardy, and more precisely in the town of Sondrio, it was the terraced vineyards, typical of the mountainous landscape of Valtellina, that inspired the construction of an exceptional villa, carried out by the Damilano Studio Architects office.

In the outskirts of Sondrio, Italy, a building, used as a resting place by employees of an electricity company, is transformed into a private residence full of charm, thanks to the magic wand of the italian office Damilano Studio Architects, led by its founder Duilio Damilano. The construction area has great potential, due to its expanse and the surrounding mountain landscape, characterized by the typical vineyards of Valtellina. If, at first, the client’s intention was to want to build a house on several floors, the architect preferred to concentrate on a house on the ground floor, unique for comfort and which opens more to the panorama of the vineyards and the private park. The house is divided into two distinct parts, connected by a covered porch. On the one hand, there is the garage and outbuilding for the guests and, on the other hand, the section reserved for the owners of the premises. Particular attention is paid to the essences of olfactory plants, to dark and light chromatic effects and to surface materials such as dry stone. So we can see, in addition to the minimalism in the purity of the lines, the organic concept shine through in the choice of materials.

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