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On the heights of Athens

On the heights of Athens

Stunning home in the greek capital, designed by architectural firm Schema. Perched on a hill overlooking the city and surrounded by pines and olive trees, the building blends into the landscape and allows you to live in communion with nature.

Located in Drafi, on the heights of Athens, Greece, this beautiful 350 m2 mansion is spread over two different levels, due to the roughness of the terrain which forced the architectural firm Schema to be inventive. The house was therefore designed to take advantage of the topology of the steep hill on which it stands. It is made up of two distinct blocks, one of which faces north and the other east. In the first there are the living room, the kitchen and the dining room and, in the second, three bedrooms connected on the ground floor by iron stairs. In the middle of the two buildings, a connecting space serves as the entrance to the residence. The architects kept most of the pine trees present before construction and clad the stone walls to give them the appearance of being in continuity with nature. The roof, designed as a V, and the large bay windows let in light. A small stream, which passes not far from the villa, inspired the long design of the swimming pool. Although invisible from the terrace, the sound of flowing water is perfectly audible.

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