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On lake Maggiore

On lake Maggiore

A residence on Lake Maggiore image

A retired couple and a precise briefing launched this project on the Maggiore, located at the same time on Piedmont, Lombardy and the canton of Ticino. Three years later, Design Haus Liberty completes its creation. Morning meditations, invigorating swimming, baths with a view of the setting sun and dinners on the terrace, in a dreamlike white setting.

Raised to protect from the weather and leveled to offer different views of Lake Maggiore, the residence undulates and curves, between intimate rooms and open terraces, like a spider web supported on the nature that surrounds it. A masterpiece, this house, signed Design Haus Liberty, certainly is, because of the artistic details that punctuate it. The architectural arrangement, put at the service of the Zen routine desired by its inhabitants, revolves around a central atrium sheltering a bonsai which exudes serenity. This beating heart of the home opens to the sky, collecting rain, ventilating the villa and lighting the rooms and the spiral staircase that it visually connects. From here, the house is spread over several horizontal strata which gradually change function, going from the private to the more hospitable areas. On several levels and perspectives, these volumes slide and extend outwards: the pine forest, the organic vegetable garden, the lagoon and the distant mountains. Thus, each of its bedrooms offers a unique landscape experience, from which the occupant will start a day punctuated by meditation breaks facilitated by the minimalist styling of the living spaces, and which will end around the brasero for an intimate sunset.

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