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Ode to transparency in Cannes

Ode to transparency in Cannes

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In Cannes, the architects of Caprini & Pellerin, lovers of natural materials, concrete and glass, designed a house entirely open to the landscape. Facing the Mediterranean, the luxury home has a breathtaking natural setting. Blow of heart for this dream property.

Nestled on the heights of the French Riviera, this residence with contemporary architecture overlooks the bay of Cannes and gives breathtaking views of the exceptional panorama, which extends from the Estérel massif to the Alps. Designed by the Caprini & Pellerin agency, the villa, with its sleek design, is built on a hillside, on a steep, highly uneven plot. Designed in L on two floors with a southwest orientation, it consists of an assembly of monolithic blocks, sometimes cantilevered or extended with side caps to mitigate the effects of direct light, and punctuated by large bays retractable windows and terraces. Taming the constraints due to the steep inclination of the site, the designers have managed to establish an ingenious layout, maximizing the view and interaction with the surroundings and optimizing the light while protecting the owners from outside eyes. Result: half inside half outside, bathed in light, all in transparency, the building gives the impression of levitating, as if suspended in the air… Minimalist, the interior, enhanced with designer furniture, returns an elegant, dominated universe by white and a shade of gray, as well as a mixture of noble materials, such as natural stone, marble or even oak which breathes warmth, even an extra soul, into the whole.


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