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Ode to natural light

Ode to natural light

The Flavin Architects office, based in Boston, emphasizes a philosophy of natural modernity, and its house in Berkshires, Massachusetts, is proof of this: total insertion into the landscape, timeless materials, maximum transparency, orientation, collection of water from rain and sense of welcome.

Observation of the surroundings at this bostonian vacation resort obviously led to the development of a spacious vacation home suitable for occupants’ activities: sports, music, cooking and recreation. A clearing is released there, so that the house receives as much sun as possible, and the luminosity is maximum, thanks to the huge windows running up the entire height of the building. This transparency always directs the eye outwards, towards nature. And a set of linked pavilions gives the household a light and airy appearance. The central module, completely open-plan, houses the living rooms in natural light during the day or in the cozy atmosphere of electric pendant lights, resembling stars, and the warmth of a monumental fireplace. The rooms overlook the swimming pool, where sofas, lounge chairs, tables and high chairs await guests according to their occupations. The space, up to a very high ceiling in light wood and in the shape of a butterfly wing, offers excellent acoustics. For ecological reasons, the Flavin Architects office has opted for a sloping roof on the north side with rainwater harvesting and materials that harmonize with the deciduous glade. Thus, the gravel paths are lined with local species, such as light and supple grasses.

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