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Meticulously designed

Meticulously designed

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Located in a residential area very close to Valencia, in Spain, this house is made by the architectural firm Ramón Esteve. Its plot is surrounded by existing vegetation and opens onto its immediate surroundings. The project stems from the need to create a house wrapped in itself, protected from the outside, but also open to the depth of the garden.

The square plan layout of this house, designed by the Ramón Esteve studio in Valencia, is pierced with several perforations with different objectives. The first digs the heart of the residence and opens its perimeter. This movement generates a large central expanse, forming a Roman atrium through which you access the house. A large body of water dominates the space and amplifies it, reflecting the interior facade and the sky. Thus, the spacious and colorful entrance becomes a changing, pleasant and harmonious route. On the opposite side, the house overlooks a large longitudinal overhang in white concrete, which frames the swimming pool and the garden. Inside, the visual connections between the adjacent rooms are made using furniture such as the through fireplace or the low sideboards. The sliding panels are completely hidden in the walls, thus opening the place to the outside and blurring its limits, while the large bay windows are protected by adjustable or sliding wooden slats hidden in the walls to better control the exposure in the sun and the views from the outside. The garden is planned from a neutral canvas made of lacquered surfaces, smoked glass and cement tiles. The water table at the entrance and the swimming pool create an effect of enlarging the area while refreshing the atmosphere.

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