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Yune, oriental concept in a contemporary aesthetic

Yune, oriental concept in a contemporary aesthetic


Ice Design signs a comfortable and multifunctional place for Yune to ensure a new way of living. Style and beauty for the only urban area on the 3rd ring road of Beijing, around natural elements and overlapping spaces.

Natural materials such as oak wood or silk gauze and a glass screen mark this place signed Ice Design. At the entrance, the back wall is adorned with artwork, and on both sides of the hallway, water flows gently in landscaped pools. In the lobby, the two-way door and arched vertical slabs form a layered backdrop that connects the near water to the distant panorama. A combination of wood and metal forms the transparent ceiling of the atrium lit by light filtering through resin panels, in keeping with fire control requirements and the clean tone of the whole. The elevated patio draws the eye to the sky. Narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, it guarantees better lighting. Structural columns reduce the volume, establish the wall of the information area and generate a relaxing feeling enhanced by the rows of bamboo surrounding the courtyard. Wooden slats extend from the patio facade to the corridor opening to a tea room, children’s play area, screening room, music room, office and seating area. The warm interior design maintains the simple Chinese style. The movement between inside and outside is done through flexible glass doors. The oriental image is reflected in the arched planks of the walls and ceilings, all designed with wood veneer combined with metal. In the exhibition space, the silk wall fabric is filled with art pieces and makes an emotional connection. Yune is a powerful futuristic humanistic symbol of evolution and aesthetics.

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