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Workspace with a unique look

Workspace with a unique look


Aktion Mensch, Germany’s leading private charity, commissioned the Stuttgart-based design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group to design its new 3,900 square meter headquarters in Bonn. With its mission “WE wins the day”, it has been dedicated to ensuring the coexistence of people with and without disabilities in all areas since its founding in 1964. Inclusion is the key to this non-profit organization, which has been funded by a social lottery for over 50 years.

To illustrate Aktion Mensch’s core values, Ippolito Fleitz Group translates the organization’s mission into a dynamic interior design that promotes creativity and communication. The design respects and preserves the existing structure of this 2003 office building, but reorganizes it into eight differently themed zones, the centerpiece of each of which is arranged like a village square from which a color palette emerges. Each concept is complemented by an individualized ceiling. Indications and signs enhance orientation, environment and user experience, while reinforcing the sense of belonging among employees. The diversity of real life, illustrated by a range of shades, creates a cultural identity. Multi-functional furniture, soft materials and round shapes maximize comfort and exchange. Each piece is unique, as is the design team. The office’s communication centers group together according to need and preference, as each workstation has movable design elements adaptable to each individual. Flexibility is key and bends to requirements, such as height-adjustable tables and wheelchair-accessible kitchenettes. The modular space system works with rotating panels for flexible use and individual adaptability. Bold acoustic panels, curtained filters and planted islands provide additional privacy to that generated by freestanding sideboards that form lockable storage spaces, while mirrors enlarge the space. The lighting highlights the panels as well as the upholstered walls as seamless elements that structure the open office, giving it its unique character. “WE” has clearly inspired Ippolito Fleitz Group. Translating Aktion Mensch’s brand and values into an atmospheric spatial design with a strong identity, this multi-colored HQ inspires collaboration and a sense of belonging. Committed to supporting creativity, this collaboration demonstrates how a human environment without boundaries adds value to the whole and to each individual at the same time.

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