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When business, art and culture meet

When business, art and culture meet


A co-working, co-development and co-living space, CoBAC Workspace aims to remove the boundaries between work and living spaces, while providing the physical and social conditions essential for creativity and productivity. Designed by Mimaristudio, it opens its doors in the heart of Istanbul’s historic Eminönü district, Turkey, with the motto ‘Common business, common art and common culture’.

With its technical infrastructure and services capable of supporting both entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals and boosting the productivity of cultural and artistic activities, CoBAC provides services suitable for the needs of users and the requirements of today’s business life. During the design that comes into being through the transformation of an existing 2,800 m2 office building on the Golden Horn coastline, Mimaristudio reflects the ‘human face’ of the brand in the project, changes the concept of a shared work place into a living place and takes an approach that changes the traditional work culture. With a focus on the idea of wellness, the architects envision an interactive environment with a highly efficient and productive space, with high-performance technological facilities and quality catering throughout the day. Users can now work with maximum natural light during the day, constant fresh air and high thermal and acoustic comfort conditions, while choosing where, when and how. The architecture firm includes 14 biophilic design paths under the notions of Nature in Space, Natural Reminders, Nature of Space, using materials and forms, as well as nature itself. In addition to the different sized terraces on the different floors, an open-air zone is provided on the upper level. It allows for free enjoyment of the outdoors and views of the historic peninsula, the Golden Horn and the city. Instead of using a repetitive layout, the designers bring flexibility throughout with multi-functional social areas. Here the team creates a reassuring and relaxing spatial perception at the transition between floors, where employees can work together notwithstanding their position.


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