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Versace Concept Store in Miami

Versace Concept Store in Miami

Versace Concept Store in Miami image

It is at Bal Harbor Shops, in Miami, a trendiest and most luxurious shopping destination in the Florida region, that the international brand Versace opens its latest concept store, imagined by Curiosity, the multidisciplinary studio of the French designer Gwenaël Nicolas.

With a concept mainly based on reflections, shadows and rays, the latest addition to the Versace boutiques, signed by the Curiosity studio, at Bal Harbor Shops, in Miami, is a very graphic and vibrant composition. From new perspectives, the space translates a revisit of the brand’s icons and a journey to rediscover its emblematic ideas. A white marble facade captures the attention of passers-by and gives a glimpse of the shiny interior. The limited color palette thus allows the products to remain at the center of the design. White, black and lots of gold cover the surfaces. The ceiling continues in reflective gold, blurs ideas of separation and allows the generation of unique visual effects imitating the rays of the sun. In addition, a forest of sparkling vertical elements punctuates and shapes the traffic. Thus, diamond patterns are added to the design, in order to delimit the different sequences of the project, and golden posts reflect the exhibits increasing the fluidity in the entire space. Finally, in contrast to the rest, the shoe area turns out to be the jewel of the place, with a velvety blue interior and bronze finishes. The vertical mirrors on the walls allow the different materials to merge more and enter into absolute osmosis.


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