Under a Budapest roof


This is a very contemporary apartment that Margeza Design Studio has designed in a historic building in Budapest. A fresh modernity that is available through refined materials, minimalist furniture and colors cleverly scattered throughout the rooms.

From the outside, the building looks very venerable. Built in 1928, in Budapest, it housed a single family for a long time, until more modern times when it was, like so many others, divided into apartments. From four residences, it passes to six, thanks to the restoration of its granaries. Thus was born this loft, which was created by Margeza Design Studio. Outside, the historic center of Budapest. Inside, the contrast of a very modern living space. Making the link between the two dimensions, the wall of greenery in the living room reflects the garden backing onto the building. Everywhere, the city is there! Its light bounces off the white walls. Its magnificent views are freely available, from the glass window in the living room to the window in the bathroom. From room to room, the amused eye finds the same bright colors. Scattered in clever touches, they reveal themselves naturally, without the inhabitant getting tired of them. Between the calm of the omnipresent nature, the serenity of the thousand-year-old city and the liveliness of the reds, blues and yellows of the furniture, the atmosphere is tailor-made. A perfect balance of the senses. Peaceful and wise energy, far from the stress of today.

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