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The Tr88House, a fabulous place to relax in Dubai

The Tr88House, a fabulous place to relax in Dubai


Designed down to the last detail by award-winning architect Shahrooz Zomorrodi, the nearly 9,290-square-meter, three-building Tr88House entertainment complex on Bluewaters Island features exaggerated scale and takes design and entertainment in the UAE to a new level. From the Hive Food Hall, which resembles a magical forest, it offers a multi-sensory experience, created exclusively for this unusual project.

Designed by Shahrooz Zomorrodi, Tr88House is nature-friendly. Tree trunks, imported from New Zealand, underline this concept whose illusory expedition begins on the first floor with a natural forest, with nearly 200 imposing pine trunks, housing ten tree houses and among which are suspended cocoon lanterns, which are reflected and multiplied in the octagonal mirrors of the walls. Vertical slats of aluminum, wood and metal panels, placed between the wall coverings, reinforce the robustness of the place. Concave mirrors create optical illusions, especially in the number of trunks. Double-height ceilings in the dining room and triple-height ceilings in the outdoor lounge maximize the volume. A rustic atmosphere accentuated by the wood, metal and concrete tables and the macro cement floor. The project enjoys all-age entertainment facilities. The decoration incorporates the latest technology. In the changing stations of the children’s restroom, intriguing graffiti slogans on the floors and walls. A gallery-like lounge, where adults can recline on custom-made sofas and giant beanbags and engage in board games, overlooks the treetops of the Hive dining area. A clear invitation to relax while enjoying one of the seven courses offered. The 88 Terrace seems to hover just a few feet away from the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel, overlooking the Dubai Marina skyline. The walls surrounding this nightclub serve as a canvas for provocative hand-painted murals. Resting on an aluminum and stainless steel structure, a luminous Barrisol canopy, composed of 140 octagonal panels, shades the bar. The panels combine and form the number 8, very clear seen from above. Monochromatic colors for the roof terrace facing a bright red for the clients’ bathrooms. Iranian artists sign the artworks of the complex. Custom fiberglass sculptures are everywhere: a large white one depicting hands guiding guests and arms, by Zomorrodi, greets guests at the entrance to the comfortable rooms; a red teddy bear, perched on the side of the roof, symbol and mascot of the rooftop lounge… Contemporary entertainment destination for a dip in a design forest.

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