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The new Rimowa flagship store in Tokyo

The new Rimowa flagship store in Tokyo

The new Rimowa flagship store in Tokyo image

German high-end trunk maker Rimowa has opened its flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, designed by architecture and design firm Labvert. Inspired by Zen, this new store, which combines quality western design and Japanese tradition, allows the founding brand of emblematic grooved aluminum suitcases to exhibit its latest creations.

Once again, the legendary leatherworker Rimowa has teamed up with the Viennese studio Labvert to inaugurate his new address in the very hyped district of Ginza, in the Japanese capital. Influenced by the gardens of the Land of the Rising Sun, notably the famous Zen garden Ryoan-ji, this 500 m2 setting, spread over two floors, is characterized by its contemporary and refined design, designed in a minimalist and bright style. Meticulously selected, the different materials, such as warm wood and cold metal, reflect the contrast between modernity and Japanese cultural heritage and rub shoulders with soft and dynamic lines that run through the store, inviting the customer to embark on a journey of discovery. A modern interpretation of local craftsmanship, baskets – separators of woven pieces – connect the two levels vertically. Inspired by traditional shoji, sliding doors or partitions made of bamboo and translucent paper, the baskets form complex braids of wooden slats of oak and washi, Japanese handmade paper. A spiral staircase leads to the upper level, where a warm atmosphere dominates complemented by vintage models, retracing 120 years of the history of the brand. A large glass wall separates the integrated workshop, allowing visitors to better observe the know-how of the Cologne manufacturer.

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