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The Mercury Space in Moscow

The Mercury Space in Moscow

The Mercury City Tower in Moscow image

Like Russian dolls, Moscow, a historic city, is home to interwoven cultural phenomena: an architectural complex unique in the world reveals a skyscraper with an atypical color which, in turn, conceals a fantastic space. This is the Mercury Space, designed by Aleksandra Antonova.

Moskva-City, Moscow’s commercial and business center, is characterized by its modernity and luxury, symbolized by its golden tower, the Mercury City Tower. Forty floors later, the visitor accesses the Mercury Space and its magnificent view of the historic center of the metropolis. Commissioned to design a multifunctional event space, the architect-designer Aleksandra Antonova was inspired by the same name to transform the interior into a spooky microcosm, where technology reshapes the atmosphere as the celebration unfolds. Without origin or end, the monochrome lines bend and intertwine to guide the step according to the forms they create: like mercury making its way and tracing there the contours of objects which, then, materialize there, as by magic, here an office, there a column. An extraterrestrial atmosphere that complements the floating lights and LED screens, allowing the whole to change tone and colors as good seems to its customers. The harmony of sounds is also there, with an acoustic linoleum on the floor and dense materials on the walls and ceiling. The latter isolates the floor from the rest of the building, for a bubble effect immersing guests in the atmosphere of this fabulous universe.

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