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Sustainable and ecological design

Sustainable and ecological design

Market leader in the creation, development and production of work furniture in Europe, the scandinavian group Flokk is opening its first showroom in Warsaw, Poland, in collaboration with the polish manufacturer Profim. Its design was entrusted to the mode:lina™ architectural firm.

The recently opened showroom in Warsaw, Poland, combines a maximally functional interior, which should be a tool for work, education and exchange of ideas, with a space where the quality and unique design of the scandinavian brand. The illuminated industrial premises then become minimalist, offering an optimal setting for the products on display. The main role is played by a spectacular central installation composed of around 130 chair backs of the RBM Noor series, circulating around the central part of the ground floor and hiding the technical rooms behind their walls. An approach that sets the building apart, also visible from the outside. The remaining products are arranged using movable wooden cubes, and the open part of the exhibition hall is separated by hanging acoustic panels. This place had to be multifunctional to meet the expectations of a large number of users, including those who work there on a daily basis, clients or guests at large events. This is how the creative table area is imagined, complemented by wooden display cases and showcasing a variety of samples and materials. The next area is the living area, with a large bar in black lacquered sheet metal. The first floor is equipped with a subdued and quiet workplace, well lit, with a conference room arranged in the shape of wooden cubes. Acoustic panels run throughout the interior. Combined with a large amount of greenery, they generate an optimal working environment. By using only natural materials for interior decoration, mode:lina™ designers opt for a sustainable and ecological design.

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