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SAX Istanbul, an elegant, modern environment

SAX Istanbul, an elegant, modern environment


Located in Istanbul’s prestigious Sariyer district, Six Senses Kocatas Mansions, owned by Alfardan Hospitality, brings a breath of fresh air to the city’s nightlife with its new SAX space designed by interior designer Maggy Monsef. Part of the SAX International chain, this charming venue continues to be the most talked-about spot in the metropolis, thanks to its new-generation lounge restaurant concept, its music and the spirit of its audience. Designed to offer a unique experience under the motto “Room with Soul”, it welcomes guests in the elegant ambience of its spacious terrace with panoramic views over the Bosphorus.

Fantastic architecture and a touch of theater. That’s what SAX Istanbul is all about, designed by interior designer Maggy Monsef, as was the case for the other SAXs in Sahel El Shamaly, Cairo and Doha. The restaurant’s contemporary interiors are influenced by the style and sophistication of Turkish culture, combining local history with the modernity required today. In addition to ceilings illuminated with original lighting management and made of brushed brass, rich marbles, wooden wall coverings, square parquet flooring, mirrors and velvety fabrics are imaginatively interwoven. According to the designer, the story she wants to tell in this new space is one of creating a unique ambiance that people will enjoy thanks to the warm, welcoming illumination reflected from the ceiling, while enjoying the exquisite SAX kitchen. The environment she has designed is a bold and generous interior, with enchanting hues and fabrics, enveloping customers in an updated version of the centuries-old Turkish love of art and design. This journey into the creation of art through design is his obsession and his trademark. SAX, which has taken its place among the city’s most talked-about venues in the short time since it opened, welcomes guests with its dazzling atmosphere and special view of Istanbul. It is, in a nutshell, a unique space that harmoniously combines luxury and functionality. Monsef’s distinguished savoir-faire can be felt everywhere.

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