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Renovation of de Gournay showroom in Paris

Renovation of de Gournay showroom in Paris


de Gournay’s Paris showroom at 15 Rue des Saints-Pères, in the left bank enclave of St. Germain has for over a decade been a celebrated locale and a well-known face for the company. After a year-long programme of works, the interior has been transformed into a revived showcase of our hand painted and hand embroidered wall coverings: a timely renovation officially unveiled for the occasion of the 2022 Deco Off fair, held this year in Spring.

A recessed seating area at the rear of the showroom is the ideal setting for ‘Voyage of the Pacific’, hand painted onto an antiqued background of Deep Rich Gold. A gilded glimpse of faraway lands, depicting seafaring adventures along tropical coastlines, atop a custom-made banquette constructed for the space by Dudgeon sofas, upholstered in Clarence House fabric.

Bespoke joinery and specially constructed curved wallspaces within the body of the main showroom combine to form a series of individual zones, installed with some of the latest additions to de Gournay collections of bespoke designs: a vivid, contemporary reflection of the cities vibrant position as a nucleus of the design industry.
A splendid rendition of sprawling Palm trees, each frond embroidered entirely by hand in vibrant Gold. Installed within panelled joinery painted a bold Red, the metallic iridescence of the intricate hand stitching is heightened against a ground of deep Blue velvet. A golden forest in the heart of St. Germain des Prés.

Previewed in the new space, ‘Nara’ is a majestic depiction of riotously bloomed Prunus trees – with sprawling, floral laden branches cascading above and below on a rich and shimmering background of Bronze metallic silk.
Installed upon a custom curved wall encircling the spiral staircase, its frosted blossom flowers are accented with hand embroidery in Springtime shades of pale Blue and Yellow.

Installed across newly built cabinetry, panels of our ‘Botanical Studies’ surround visitors with splendid depictions of plant specimens, hand painted in a large-scale grid. Inspired by an historic installation of plant studies pasted to the walls of the 18th century interior of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, the design evokes the studied splendour of botany’s golden age.

Hand painted on a White Williamsburg background, a pretty window setting showcases ‘Siam’ – a new Chinoiserie filled with leafy foliage, exotic florals and lively birds indigenous to South East Asia. A transportive view from the streets of Paris, also rendered in hand embroidery against a deep Green velvet on a surrounding return. An antique, Gustavian seat upholstered in a Rose Cumming ticking stripe sourced from Tissus d’Helene atop a woven jute rug from the Conran Shop completes the scene, lit by decorative sconces from dealers Fisher Weisman.

A floating composition of flowering Chrysanthemum, inspired by artwork of Japan’s Tokugawa period – a pinnacle of the nation’s creative expression where the naturalistic depiction of flowers, animals and landscapes upon plain metallic grounds was highly popular. Painted by hand onto a striking gilded background that transitions gradually from a rich deep Copper leaf up to a warmer Silver leaf, the blooming White florals of ‘Uki Hana’, both organic and abstract, appear suspended in mid-air.

The dramatic scale of ‘Pineapple’ motif Damask lends an air of prestige, wrapped around a hidden jib door in a ‘Summer Sky’ Blue. The woven, pure silk cloth with a satin ground and contrasting design figure is paper backed for seamless application to walls as wallpaper.

Collaboration between Vincent Darré and de Gournay
Following a complete renovation of de Gournay Paris showroom and for the occasion of Deco Off Paris 2022, de Gournay are proud to unveil the transformation of private apartment onsite by Vincent Darré.
A legend of the industry, Darré’s unique brand of visual storytelling has won him consistent accolades throughout a celebrated career across multiple mediums. Applying his inimitable flair to a trio of exclusive designs, Darré has taken as his inspiration traditional concepts of a ‘Parisian’ apartment and reimagined them as a finished interior.
A living space filled with the ephemera and objects of true inhabitants, intended across the coming year as an exhibit space in which continued projects, concepts and brands are to be showcased – staging’s of Vincent’s own curation and reflecting also our own refreshed identity amidst the cities vibrant design industry.

A conceptual and dreamlike landscape defines ‘Metaphysic’: a surreal rendition of a pictorial unconscious – composed of large-scale, architectural constructions and graphically rendered forms in a stark monochrome palette with warm accents of gilded Gold, executed as though by hand in an intaglio style.
Already published by The Invisible Collection, the series of seats designed by Vincent Darré has been restyled with handmade embroidery on cotton velvet. In resonance with the columns of the pattern, stools and side tables in ceramic and marble are added to the collection.

A striking merger of Darré’s imagination and de Gournay’s technical skills, ‘Pagoda’ is an eclectic scene of stylised Chinoiserie, filled with brightly coloured Pagoda’s, tiered Temples and richly costumed Monkeys in a lively setting to reflect the activity of a dining room.

Exemplifying de Gournay’s savoir faire in the creation of scenic vista’s for walls, ‘Trellis’ is a vivid depiction of the titular construction in fresh Green on a Blue ground – a Garden esque scene welcoming visitors to the apartment.

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