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New offices for Bakken & Bæck in the Netherlands

New offices for Bakken & Bæck in the Netherlands

The Norwegian architectural firm Kvistad took charge of the interior design concept for the new offices of the digital production company Bakken & Bæck, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The designers have bet on soft shades for a cozy result.

The new offices of the digital company, Bakken & Bæck, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, are shaped like a long and narrow submarine, which stretches below ground level, in the Houthaven dock area. Norwegian architecture studio Kvistad, in charge of the project, emphasizes pastel shades to soften the mood at work. As a result, the palette consists of warm and natural colors: creamy yellow, light rust, velvety brown, powder pink and matte black. Comfortable areas are thus created, for business meetings or relaxation. The monochrome pink bedroom cushions are custom made and handmade. The wall tapestries are also made by the studio and available in their online store in limited quantities. The cozy atmosphere is also provided by natural lighting, skilfully dosed. The structured glass walls of the meeting rooms open up to the light, while maintaining a sense of privacy. As for the dining room, it is located as close as possible to the windows, with a view of the quays. Kvistad also designed the neon sign representing Bakken & Bæck bordering the Dutch canals. The whole constitutes a harmonious workspace, dedicated to creative productivity.

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