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Modernist luxury

Modernist luxury


Located in the new upscale district of Dubai, this 3,000 m² private property is created by Anarchitect. Home to a successful young family recently returned from Europe, it overlooks the 18th hole of a renowned golf course with the characteristic skyline of the Emirate as a backdrop.

Anarchitect applies modernist principles to design a residence where the family could grow up, manage a busy life, and express their passions for fashion, art, motorsport and VIP social gatherings. The proportions and volumes of some interior spaces are intentionally imposing, thanks to the use of beautifully satin-finished natural solid stone, which cools ambient temperatures and reflects soft light generating a calm and peaceful ambience. The new extension of the interior courtyard creates an entrance gallery four and a half meters high and illuminated by a structural glass well. To its left, a serene open-air courtyard, the vast glazing of which frames an olive tree six meters high. An inside-outside amalgamation based on modernist principles of function, circulation, visual framing and connections, characterized by abundant natural light. The selection of stones embodies a dedication to craftsmanship and materiality. The central staircase, a striking naturally lit architectural form, is intricately designed and detailed. The change from sharpened rough stone on the ground floor to beautiful walnut wood at the entrance is voluntary, demarcating the semi-public areas of the house and separating them from the private wings and guest rooms.


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