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Mango Teen, a world full of surreal dreams

Mango Teen, a world full of surreal dreams

Mango, the world’s leading fashion group, has opened a store exclusively for teenagers. Called Mango Teen, the Barcelona store is designed by Masquespacio, a creative consultancy founded by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, who work at the intersection of interior design and marketing.

Masquespacio is responsible for the interior design of Mango Teen in Barcelona, aimed at young people aged 11 to 13. Marked by saturated color tones and expressive lines, this clothing boutique reveals a surreal setting with an unlikely combination of analog elements – a mid-century hotel reception, a swimming pool and a washing machine. Each of these “incoherent” archetypes has different functions within the store, where references to a “metaverse” world create a link between past and future. To create the new spatial identity, the designers analyzed Mango Teen’s clientele, looking for a way to connect with their lifestyle. Ana Hernández confides: “The best thing about being a teenager is that you’re always living in a world full of dreams, a world full of things to discover. It’s an age when you start to dream big, regardless of limits. Above that, in your dreams, strange things happen that fall outside the frame… things that aren’t real…” This is the spirit behind the backlit tunnel entrance. The swimming pool serves as an exhibition island, the hotel reception as a checkout/retrieval counter, and the washing machine as a recycling point where customers can donate their old clothes. As for the other display elements, such as shelves and lockers, the aim was to create a play of straight, organic lines. In keeping with the concept of converting the conventional into the surreal, two types of colored finishes define the interiors. One part is covered with matt surfaces, while another features reflective and fluorescent panels, a combination of analog and digital. In the fitting rooms, reflective walls and Art-deco mirrors take center stage, a play of optical effects distorting their reality. This is one of the hallmarks of Mango Teen.

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