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Karen El-Khazen: a multi-talented artist

Karen El-Khazen: a multi-talented artist


Welcome to the enchanting world of Karen K Sanctuaries, interior designer, fashion designer, and model. With over ten years of design credentials, Karen delights in taking her clients on a magical journey of self-discovery, fantasy, and dreams. Karen’s exquisite eye for meticulous detail makes her room transformations breath-taking. She is known throughout the industry for her aesthetic brilliance, exceptional interpretations, and outstanding quality.

From a young age, Karen understood the power of elegance, grace, and beauty. She started by horning her career in fashion and rose to become an acclaimed international fashion model. While working in the industry, she instantly knew she wanted to launch her own brand and turn her attention towards shoe designing. As a result, Karen designed, conceptualized, and curated her own unique footwear collection. Her bold, statement pieces were immaculate, intuitive, and pioneering, allowing every woman to feel classy, sexy, and elevated when wearing her designs.
In August 2018, Karen brought her design skills to a broader audience by creating her new interior design business, aptly named Karen K Sanctuaries. A divine creative haven where inducing tranquillity and calm take center stage. Karen K Sanctuaries is an opulent, bespoke, luxurious interior design company creating daring, flamboyant, artistic transformations that speak volumes. From marbles to murals to onyx and art, you can expect to be dazzled and amazed in equal measure once Karen completes her artisan projects.
Karen’s strength lies in her ability to articulate her client’s specific requests with tailor-made designs that transcend into an ostentatious, fantasy world.
All Karen’s customized designs are curated to reflect the homeowner’s individual personality. Before the creative process begins, she sits down with all her clients and completes an in-depth questionnaire capturing their visions, ideas, textures, themes, fabrics, and overall color pallets.
She draws inspiration from pop culture, modern art, Greek mythology, travel, graffiti art, pop art, street culture, famous people, screen sirens, and the renaissance era.

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