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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of impeccable luxury

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of impeccable luxury


A strong sense of style and high-end products adorn this 170 m2 apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, designed for a charismatic couple. Ukrainian designer Julia Baydyk, founder of Alta Idea studio, decided to venture into a variation of Art deco, imagined as a modern interpretation of luxury.

Alta Idea, directed by Julia Baydyk, signs a place that encompasses all the amenities for a relaxed lifestyle. Spacious living room, separate private areas composed of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, office for him, dressing rooms for her, fitness room… Several accents stamp almost every room. Brass elements, first of all, are intermingled everywhere: on the kitchen facades, the furniture, the objects, the dishes… Not attractive in itself, they ensure sophistication and comfort. During the day, natural light enters abundantly through large windows, while in the evening, a professionally designed lighting scenario offers a completely distinct play of nuances. In the entrance and living room, a combination of shiny brass, wood, noble stone, glossy black and deep saturated velvet, which together guarantee a moderate luxury. To achieve the ideal kitchen, use a custom design with two shades of black, soft matte and glossy. Also tinted black to divert attention from a long passageway to the living room, the hallway feels spacious thanks to graphite mirrors. At the end is a Gatsby-style panel, a taste of Art Deco. Since the client wanted a large green sofa, it had to be adapted to the floor, walls and light, respecting the dialogue of colors. Italvelluti fabric, azure blue during the day and saturated green at night, fit the bill. The women’s area looks like a sophisticated Parisian apartment. Moldings frame the wall and lamps from the Portuguese factory Castro Lighting create straight accents. The man’s area, on the other hand, is designed in a strict and sober style, devoid of flamboyant decor, with a limited color palette. A contrasting and intense house, but refined and elegant. The ultimate in contemporary luxury.

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