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Imdad headquarters, power in simplicity

Imdad headquarters, power in simplicity

Located in a 650 m2 penthouse, occupying the top two floors of a building across from Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the headquarters of Imdad, a leading company in aesthetic medicine in the region, offers a breathtaking view of the downtown area. The offices are designed by interior design firm VSHD Design.

Imdad features a minimalist design that takes advantage of the most delicate architectural elements, such as its triangular top giving the building more character and depth. Most of the structure is used and most of the structural backgrounds are kept in their original raw and imperfect state, including the basic concrete columns and load-bearing walls. VSHD Design ensured that the repeated inclined columns along the parameter, which serve as the starting point of the project, remain free-standing, without any attachment. They then become the foundation of the company’s offices. Concrete forms a base, with raw brass cladding, unstained natural oak, and an aggregate floor. The fruit is a surface bound by the original authentic lines, structure and materials, but enhanced by the renovation and new raw substances. The design process aims to define today’s workplace through architecture and design, in order to achieve a strong corporate identity with evolving and harmoniously pleasing spaces. As a leader in aesthetic medicine in the region, Imdad’s office must serve as a meeting point for various professionals and clients. In addition, the structure includes a floor dedicated to online platforms, development and social media. Mounted on the ceiling, a huge custom light fixture conceals a network of mechanical services and helps showcase the scope of the dual location. Placed in a clean, minimalist setting, the furniture lends an eclectic touch, with pieces imagined by mid-century modern designers including Pierre Jeanneret, Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer and Gio Ponti. The result is a welcoming environment conducive to creativity and freedom. Vintage green writing boards provide privacy in the open space, where different teams can meet, collaborate and interact. All meeting rooms are designed to be flexible. The available windows enter the creation and natural light is guaranteed even in the areas without windows, sometimes replaced by indirect lights that guarantee a comfortable atmosphere, neither too bright nor too dark. Functionality and beauty, inspiring bold innovation to employees and visitors.

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