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Fluid lines and space in Achrafieh

Fluid lines and space in Achrafieh


This 400 m2 apartment is located on the 17th floor of a tower in Ashrafieh. Designed by architect Tatiana Lati, the space is fluid and open. Frame of doors, niches, furniture, running lights… Everything is worked to mark the lines of the house.

Before settling in Beirut, Tatiana Lati worked with Jean Nouvel and Jean-Paul Viguier in Paris. Wanting to make his apartment, located on the 17th floor of a new tower on Abdel-Wahab street, in Achrafieh, available to his two daughters, the owner gives the architect carte blanche to transform it. Lati then rethinks the lines and heights, demolishes walls to keep the place fairly fluid and open, giving it a modern touch, far from the architecture of traditional Lebanese housing which relies on the separation between the area where one receives and the one where we live. It is noble materials which are used, in particular macassar ebony, to better delimit the space. This wood returns in the doors of the home and in some of the furniture, the majority of which is signed by Italian brands such as Piero Lissoni. Lava stone is chosen for the bathrooms. The architect uses shooting light in many rooms of the house, on the ceiling or in the doorways, to better mark surfaces. Door frames, niches and furniture also give a perfect sense of alignment.

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