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Fawaz Gruosi: a tailor-made name and a predisposition to conquer

Fawaz Gruosi: a tailor-made name and a predisposition to conquer

With a first name that means winner, Fawaz Gruosi never stops reinventing his own style. Having become a reference in the world of jewellery with a distinctive imprint, he inaugurates a new boutique in London, for which he creates a line of jewellery that, this time, will bear his name.

Admiring his jewels, one is spoiled for choice: talent, audacity, taste, simplicity… reflecting an exceptional personality. With his winning aura, Fawaz Gruosi is the hero of a new challenge that will certainly be followed by a brilliant success.
Flashback… In 1993, he achieves a revolution in the world of jewellery. For this man, who has been a pioneer and a precursor since his beginnings with the black diamond, creation does not rhyme with caution. After the black diamond, there was Icy diamond, burnished or blackened gold, shagreen… And the successes follow one another.
Over the years, this visionary never ceases to offer luxury its most beautiful creations. This master of design knows the art of expressing himself through a particular spirit. Passionately creative and daring, he sets the rules, takes up all challenges, does not follow trends, but simply creates them. A hard worker whose uncompromising standards are set in the service of excellence, each of the jewels he creates immediately arouses passions. His asset? From his imagination hemmed with magic, breathtaking works of art are born. An overflowing imagination, thanks to which he reinvents volumes and sublimates stones and materials. Supported by an insatiable artistic curiosity, the value of the brand currently bearing his name, his collections will continue to surprise us.
Rendez-vous in Berkeley Square, in the new London boutique designed by the famous interior designer Francis Sultana. An Art Deco-inspired setting, where the materials are voluptuous, like those used to create jewellery: patinated bronze, suede ennobling the walls, tweed, crystals, marble and deep velvet. The palette, deliberately neutral, is punctuated by touches of color: the dark red sofas, signed Mattia Bonetti, or the burnt orange consoles designed by Francis Sultana.
A decor of 287 m2 worthy of the “Gruosian” universe. To be continued…

The ultimate leader, Fawaz Gruosi does not follow trends. He simply creates them…

A unique space by the choice and diversity of materials, signed by the famous interior designer Francis Sultana. Columns of rock crystal and bronze for the balustrade, silk curtains with a custom print, bronze centerpiece, hand-carved carpet and wall lined with Murano glass and eglomise take us to a nostalgic refinement.

A private suite, delighted to welcome guests who wish to preserve their privacy.
Velvet armchairs and a table by Mattia Bonetti are the perfect accompaniment to a tweed-covered sofa,
Scagliola side tables and lamps by Francis Sultana, enhanced by a work of art signed Milena Musquiz.

Magic of a delicate mix of Art Deco inspiration: dark red sofa and armchairs and coffee table by Mattia Bonetti, on which a beautiful bronze centerpiece by Francis Sultana is placed. All framed by the magnificence of a wall lined with Murano glass and eglomise and walls lined with suede.

In order to achieve a subtle alliance between the beautiful, the original and the functional,
this sales area is entirely signed Francis Sultana.

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A boldly modern staircase is sure to attract attention with its uniqueness. Here, materials are in celebration
and Fawaz Gruosi’s jewels are in the spotlight.

The flamboyant jewels of the Colorissima collection, a treat for the eyes worthy of the Thousand and One Nights tales.

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