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Dolce & Gabbana boutique in Rome, the magic of italian craftsmanship

Dolce & Gabbana boutique in Rome, the magic of italian craftsmanship


The splendor of the Eternal City, the solemnity of its monuments and the beauty of its memorable ruins come together in the majestic spaces of a 16th century Roman palace. The latter houses the new Dolce & Gabbana boutique, in Rome’s famous Piazza di Spagna, designed by architect Eric Carlson, from the Carbondale studio, in collaboration with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, with the aim of exploring the magic of Italian craftsmanship.

Located at the foot of the steps, in the famous Piazza di Spagna in Rome, the new luxury store of the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, whose design is by Eric Carlson, from the Carbondale studio, stands on 800 m2 and on two levels. A magnificent interpretation, relevant and contemporary, of the common identity of the brand and the city, in terms of cultural traditions, powerful craftsmanship and Italian baroque. Fifteen different types of marble combine geometrically in a range of colors from intense yellow to red, including ivory, creams and pearly white, blue, blacks and grays intensely veined to cover floors, walls and ceilings. All along the top of the ground floor walls are reproduced Latin writings, inlaid with gold mosaics, taken from poems and letters by famous writers of antiquity. A sort of tribute to the city, the birthplace of great thinkers and personalities who have marked the history of literature. A monumental marble staircase leads to the first floor of the boutique, passing through a gallery similar to a heavenly space: an invitation to a sensory experience. Here, history, tradition and technology find their harmonious blossoming, in the form of monitors installed on one of the two walls of the gallery and on the semi-vaulted ceiling, projecting a moving sky, inhabited by celestial angels which, thanks to a mirror, reproduce on the opposite side of the wall, creating a complete vault.


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