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Cozy apartment in Paris

Cozy apartment in Paris


At the Trocadéro, in Paris, stands a very special apartment, the fruit of the genius of designer Rodolphe Parente, in collaboration with the owners, collectors of contemporary furniture. Here, the architecture, certainly interesting, is put at the service of decoration and the art of living.

A couple in their thirties and their children, designer Rodolphe Parente, and a classic Parisian freestone building facing the Eiffel Tower, on the second floor of which an area of 350 m2 is nestled. Could this be the simple recipe for a dream home? The volumes, inherited from the 18th century, are generous. The architectural elements from the same period – moldings, coffered ceilings, pediments inspired by Chinese art and marble fireplaces – make it a very unique place. However, it is the very modern reinvention of the house that is striking. First, through its respect for the historic character of the original construction, completed without compromising on the creation of a living space for young families. Then, by its design of an apartment highlighting a rare collection of contemporary furniture and art, while offering comfort and warmth to its guests. Diversion of the reception into the living room, amalgamation of the kitchen with the dining room, cozy master bedroom with hidden storage and connected bathroom… Everything has been designed for a harmonious and peaceful interior to navigate. An interior where the well-defined stylistic choices are anchored in two materials, whose nobility tempers modernity: copper and Calacatta Caldia marble.

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