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Cocon de Luxe: an avant-garde design

Cocon de Luxe: an avant-garde design

A fan of spiritual retreats, the confinement gives interior designer Sybille de Margerie food for thought. This project is a manifesto for better living, where well-being is more than ever a luxury at the heart of the creative process. It is a new concept of accommodation, in the form of a gite, whose vocation is to inspire hoteliers and individuals as an extension of an existing establishment or a second home in the middle of nature.

This project by Sybille de Margerie is a refuge, an escape, rich in fullness and softness. It is intimate and feminine, designed as a symbol of eternity, where one can touch the mysteries of creation and life. In this sensory and dreamlike universe, one seeks symbiosis with the cosmos, a retreat without beginning or end. It is a place to isolate oneself, alone or as a couple, to awaken one’s senses to a benevolent and inspiring nature or to huddle there to revitalize oneself, to escape the pressure of the city and to protect oneself from the world that has become worrying. Large openings play between the interior and exterior boundaries to create a sense of freedom and space. Inside, a daytime and a nighttime zone are connected. The fluid layout follows a path of elliptical curves that envelop the place without restricting the flow. The interior designer is inspired by Marcel Proust’s reflections: “The most remarkable journeys come from the inside, free from time and space’’. In this cozy nest, the senses are awakened: creativity, imagination and dreams are in the spotlight. Make way for meditation, reading and rest in a cozy lounge. The space is luxurious and comforting, wrapped in noble and raw textures, echoing the surrounding nature. The interior features wood and rough stone floors, ironcloth inlaid glass, brass, warm wooden accessories, leather, cotton, linen and velvet cushions. Wallpapers and colored rugs bring a graphic and poetic touch. The furniture is nomadic, modular and movable. Anchored in its time, it is contemporary and full of dynamism. We find a vintage spirit, referring to the great names of design, so many landmarks and safe values. Luxury is hidden; it is felt more than it is shown. It is expressed in a myriad of details ranging from the refinement of a door handle to a curtain tieback.

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