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Chromatic variations

Chromatic variations


It is in the city of Shanghai, China, that the architectural firm Ippolito Fleitz Group took over CEG Schwarzwald, an innovative, avant-garde and sustainable residential project, offering high quality for modern family life, at the heart of the megalopolis.

Surrounded by 20,000 trees, several high-rise buildings, with high-end apartments, provide a quality environment in Shanghai, China. It is with this unique initiative that the Ippolito Fleitz Group studio responds to the growing demands of urban society for a healthy and contemporary lifestyle. Using vibrant shades and clear geometries, this 250 m2 apartment in the CEG Schwarzwald complex is characterized by an energetic and stimulating ambience. The range of colors applied creates spaces reflecting the joy of living and a feeling of relaxation. From the entrance, vertical slats, reminiscent of traditional chinese screens, filter the view of the dining room and the backdrop of the horizon. The atmosphere of the residence and its breathtaking views capture the imagination of the visitor in a spirit that is both dynamic and calm. Carefully matched colors and exciting contrasts transform the rooms into a contemporary tailor-made showroom. The rounded elements, scattered throughout the house, give a feeling of comfort and cheerfulness to the arrangement of the furniture. This harmonious interaction of tones and shapes translates a perfect balance between the welcoming aspect and the intimacy of the place.

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