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Building the home of your dreams

Building the home of your dreams

In the north of Amsterdam, in an industrial city, is this 180 m2 apartment, designed in an original way by i29 studio. It has all the qualities of a home art gallery. Yet, this is only a private house where most of the time is spent working and even relaxing between the sophisticated monuments that adorn the building.

The space is well connected and clear. The couple who live there leave their own footprints. Practical, the house, located in Amsterdam, also gives a surprise effect. What could be more interesting than having books and trinkets at hand in a home? You can read and admire the concepts at the same time. When the owners, a writer and a collector of valuable objects, buy the land flat, they come up with their own design and make their moments a great distraction with their museum. The main point of departure for the architects of i29 studio was to properly highlight these representations. That’s why they design custom double-height cabinets and integrated glass cases to display the pieces. In contrast, the apartment is a unique and pure architectural experience. At first glance, the whiteness of the curtains gives a soft and magical feel to the place. The light seeps in slightly to capture the moment. Moreover, the entrance, the kitchen and the living room are open and well connected. A mezzanine houses a bathroom, two bedrooms and an office. The stylistic lines denote an open and welcoming space. Also, the combination of wood and gray contrasts with the sculptures of different colors. In addition, all the details are related to each other: high cabinets connected to a staircase add a touch of distinction. Besides, enjoying art in your own home is a privilege, and doing so in such elegance is remarkable.

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