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Bright and stylish apartment in Beirut by Diana Ibrahim

Bright and stylish apartment in Beirut by Diana Ibrahim

Resolutely fashionable, this apartment full of artistic pieces is the work of architect Diana Ibrahim. Located in Ras Beirut, it appeals with its chic and trendy decoration and the peaceful atmosphere that emanates from it. Focus on this house with a refined design.

Located in Ras Beirut, this prestigious 560 m2 property will seduce you at first glance! Designed by talented architect Diana Ibrahim, it provides its owners with all the comfort and tranquility of a luxury apartment in the heart of the city. With a splendid view of the metropolis, thanks to large bay windows, its interior, exuberant and unconventional, is striking with its modern and exceptional layout, playing with volumes and perceptions, by its furnishings which give pride of place to works of art, as well as by the original objects meticulously selected and signed by renowned designers, generating in the process a negotiation between the familiar and the surprising, the functional and the aesthetic. This is where all the charm of this contemporary home resides, the design of which is based on a fanciful interaction between space, furniture and multiple works of art, while establishing a dialogue and blurring the lines at the same time between architecture, art, design and interior decoration. Bright, furnished with great taste, fluid and spacious, it presents a refined and open setting, where the very successful marriage of white and gray is enhanced by bursts of bright colors… Considerable assets that make this magnificent residence a home dream for everyone looking for personalized accommodation.

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