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Beta, postmodern cinema with a dose of humor

Beta, postmodern cinema with a dose of humor


Vietnam-based studio Module K fuses bold colors and geometries with Saigon’s historic design language in its Beta Cinema. Located in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the new project seeks to attract young people with retro yet contemporary architecture.

Bright colors, strong patterns and a throwback to the buildings of old Saigon are highlighted in this newly designed cinema in Ho Chi Minh City by Vietnamese interior design firm Module K. Located on the first floor of a shopping mall, Beta Media seats 1,000 people and appeals to millennials with its ambiance and architectural vocabulary. Every detail references sites in Saigon. The pastel palette, borrowed from art nouveau, features shades of flamingo pink, sea green and bright orange. Blocks and cubes of various hues transition between spaces, and the expanses of color generate infinite depth. At the main entrance, alternating geometric shapes convey a strong yet simple impact. The vast central hall and lounge feature an Indochinese green dome, reminiscent of the city’s colonial central post office with its huge vaulted ceiling. A circular blue staircase is a meeting place for young people. The floor is paved with encaustic cement tiles with oriental Asian motifs. A flock of pigeons mimics those of the Municipal Opera and the Place de la Commune de Paris. The ticket counter, in shades of mahogany, is inspired by the rhythms of the colonnades and roof of the Ben Thanh market. Circular cutouts in the walls and ceiling provide a contrast to the repetitive aspects. The side lobby and corridors resemble the fascinating alleys of HCMC. The passageway leading to the lobby is adorned with arches in rainbow tones. The mezzanine and first floor are connected by corridors that circle the building. Several semicircular loggias create recording nooks and panoramic views, while the asymmetrical arched pillars reference the pink Gothic style of Tan Dinh Church. Pastel pink stairs rise around bold columns, lending their allure to the balustrades. The auditorium continues the geometric theme with diamond-shaped backlit reliefs that shape the walls. In short, a modern cinema made in the grand tradition and a place where circulation and space are as important as the projections.

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