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AURA SKYPOOL Dubai, an island in the sky

AURA SKYPOOL Dubai, an island in the sky


Spanning the 49th and 50th floors of Dubai’s imposing Palm Tower skyscraper, AURA SKYPOOL by Kokaistudios welcomes visitors to an imaginary island in the sky, surrounded by the tallest 360° infinity pool. With floating canopies, lush greenery and natural elements, the design focuses on detail and quality to create extraordinary impact and effect.

AURA SKYPOOL is the world’s highest infinity pool. Despite its ultra-urban location atop the Palm Tower skyscraper on the man-made Jumeirah Archipelago, the interior exudes the natural world: sculptural wall inspired by a rock formation, reclaimed wood and numerous plants. Spanning two floors, the project sets an exclusive tone with elevators that transport guests to the 50th floor. Its doors open onto an urban oasis, imagined as “an island in the sky”. At its heart is an angular piece of travertine plaster, which resembles natural rocks; a geometric finish transforms the tower’s core into a distinctive focal point. This 3D object forms the backdrop for the central bar and reclaimed wood counter, reminiscent of debris washed up on the shore. The surrounding concrete slabs are selected for their tactile quality: barefoot, they recall walking on sand. In addition, the curtains on the ceiling evoke beach cabins, while those on the windows act as a useful sunscreen in the unforgiving heat of Dubai. Both inject movement into the design, with the fabric swaying in a breeze from the working glass partitions surrounding the space. In a city so dependent on air conditioning, this natural ventilation is remarkable. Plants and small trees enhance the outdoor, beach-like atmosphere and complement the furniture’s palette of greens, oats and teal. A wooden deck, complete with lounge chairs and tables, surrounds the main lounge like a shoreline. From here, guests can gaze out over the pool that circles the building and admire the stunning views of the city and ocean. On two sides, networks of floating platforms reach out into the water for an exclusive experience. Windbreaks are provided at each corner to prevent waves from breaking over the outer edge of the facility. While swimmers can easily pass underneath, the architecture allows for visual separation from the outdoor space. With this in mind, the design incorporates an external bar along the east side of the pool for private events. The ancillary facilities are envisioned as an atmospheric underwater grotto. Located on level 49, they include locker rooms, staff areas and a retail kiosk. Joined by a brass-clad staircase inlaid with LED lighting, the floors are also linked by color, material and form. At the heart of the building is the same angular finish of the lounge, while the dressing rooms feature sandblasted blue-green glass doors. The lack of daylight contrasts with the sunny atmosphere, reinforcing the cave motif.

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