Apartment all in gray in China


Surrounded by a forest of 20,000 trees in the heart of Putuo, Shanghai, the CEG Schwarzwald project, carried out by the architectural firm Ippolito Fleitz Group, includes several modern towers with homes that take precedence over comfort and quality, including this apartment all in gray .

Apartment 11 at the CEG Schwarzwald complex in Shanghai offers a unique perspective on gray. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, the home adheres to the watchword of this ambitious company. It is, indeed, a modern but quiet, relaxed but functional place to live. What could be better than the thousand and one shades of gray to carry out this briefing? Breathing calm elegance, on 250 m2, a design that plays on the multiplicity of overlays: interactivity of materials, surfaces and textures. With uninterrupted views of the city stretching out from under its windows, the house has a large dining-kitchen area, topped by an aluminum slatted ceiling, which diffuses a soft indirect light. Very airy glass shelves, almost invisible, separate this first space from the more intimate one of the living room. The seasoned parquet is available in dark gray, immediately setting the theme of the home’s color palette. This one is carried out brilliantly. The warm shades of gray blend with the freshness of marble. The naturalness of the wood contrasts with the luxury of the fabrics. The shiny surfaces reflect accessories and works of art, multiplying the effect of their colors – black, gold, green and blue – whose aim is to enhance all varieties of gray, ultimately creating a very cheerful impact.

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