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An original and special home

An original and special home


Designed by Hasan Ayata design studio, this 200 m2 apartment, located in Hisarcik, Turkey, is innovative with its “A” architecture to preserve it from the climate of this region. Located at the foot of Mount Argeus, the building with its resolute infrastructure is very attractive by its interior design.

Set in the middle of Hisarcik, Turkey, the house, created by design studio Hasan Ayata, is compact and pleasant with its high gallery of up to 11 meters. Natural materials are well incorporated into the construction. All mobile and fixed furniture with lighting fixtures too are specially designed products, used only for this project. In the extension of the triangular structure, the height of the place creates a volume higher than normal, where a strong artificial sloping wall is realized in the interior architecture. It plays an important role in clarifying the distinction of the place. Its material and color are also separated from the space, further emphasizing its characteristic. Aiming to ensure integrity, the main part of the place is built without walls. Alternative lighting levels appropriate to the use of the building are determined for the user. Concealed lighting is preferred by targeting the solid wood surface of the high angle walls. The harmony between all rooms is well established for supreme comfort. This property is conspicuous by its extraordinary interior and exterior features.

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