An interior infusing luxury and modernity in Kiev


In Kiev, Ukraine, local architecture and design studio YoDezeen is creating a grand project, rich in texture, detail and an air of luxury, by furnishing the interior of an apartment in a building on Hrushevsky, popularly known as “Government Street”. Rich stone, dark wood, brass accents and elegant designer furniture characterize the ambiance of this residence.

Monumental, the 343-square-meter apartment is redesigned by YoDezeen studio on the fifth floor of a tower built by Ukrainian architect Sergey Babushkin on Hrushevsky in Kiev, known as “Government Street”, home to many ministries. The starting point was to rethink the house, tearing down several walls and thus expanding the space, while letting in more natural light. “Half of the success of the interior design depends on how the lighting is distributed, explains Artem Zverev, co-founder and architect of YoDezeen, along with Artur Sharf. In addition to the large number of windows, we boosted the artificial lighting to make the house warm and welcoming.” The performance lies in the use of natural stone, metal and wood, “folded at will” into a calm, reassuring and sophisticated suite. An elegant complex, avoiding saturation, where the absence of sharp angles emphasizes the furniture with rounded aspects. The house is divided into two areas, public and private, separated by a door flush with the wall, invisible except for its handle. The first one includes a combined kitchen and living room, composed of two sub-areas: a sitting area in front of the fireplace and a reception room. The main wing is hidden from prying eyes, behind the door extending the wall and opening onto a dressing room and a bedroom with private bathroom, adjacent to the guest room, designed to be transformed later into a child’s room. Brass, used almost everywhere in the implementation of decorative elements, inspires the design. The furniture is selected from the best Italian brands, such as the retro Kalamaja chairs by Gianfranco Ferré, the Connery sofa and the Japanese izakaya style dining table by Minotti, or the small ottoman also by Minotti in the hallway and the high bar stools by B&B Italia surrounding the kitchen island. Not to mention the painting “Horse, Evening” by Ukrainian artist Anatoly Kryvolap.

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