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An interior between virtual and real in Hangzhou

An interior between virtual and real in Hangzhou


Overlooking the river and seamlessly connecting with the sky, this apartment, designed by CCD-Cheng Chung Design and located in Hangzhou, in the Xiaoshan district of China, benefits from an unparalleled setting. Imbued with the spirit of the times, it boldly defines the city’s skyline and forms a new group of iconic buildings on the bank of the Qian Tang River, next to Hangzhou Arch, one of Big Dipper’s seven rounds.

Nestled on the bank of the Qian Tang River in Xiaoshan District, China, this 673m2 architectural gem is designed by CCD-Cheng Chung Design. Inspired by Eastern artistic design and Western form, the interior design embodies grandeur and elegance, in harmony with Hangzhou’s iconic sights. Cheng Chung Design’s vision seeks to unify the natural world with the built environment, creating a seamless and harmonious composition. The open plan removes any visual barrier between the foyer, living room and office, merging formality and aesthetics to design a holistic space that echoes the flow of the river. In addition, the real and the virtual intertwine naturally producing an intriguing scene. The place is then like a play, where people are like dancers creating dynamics and rhythms. Thus, structural blocks, profiled window frames and orderly circulation define the interior space. These elements form a counterpoint to the thirty meters of floor-to-ceiling glazing and the 270° view of the natural landscape that effectively envelops the interior. Although residential, this residence is part of the splendor of the design of a large hotel, where comfort, luxury and this extraordinary view come together to create a house with intimate spaces and peaceful moments.

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