A subtly designed, luminous villa that inspires luxury, calm and voluptuousness


Internationally renowned Lebanese-Canadian architect Gregory Gatserelia designed the interior and exterior of a sumptuous villa in Coppet, on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, created by Geneva-based Atelier K Architectes.

Lebanese-Canadian architect Gregory Gatserelia designed the interior and exterior spaces of this splendid contemporary villa overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps. The use of Vals stone for the floors lends character and elegance to the residence, and blurs the boundaries between inside and outside without transition. The structure of the concrete slabs rests on slender polished stainless steel pillars (which reflect the landscape and fade away to the eye) and frames the frameless sliding bay windows, amplifying the space and making the entire facade disappear. Bathed in light, the villa also offers a multitude of mirror-like reflections. Both the building and the sky are reflected in the swimming pool, while the lake is reflected in the sculptural staircase, whose metal steps seem to be suspended from the ceiling by fine rods, reverberating endlessly on the walls clad in polished stainless steel. An innovative way of inviting the outside landscape inside. Water, stone and light interact, and the villa blends into its spectacular surroundings. Contemporaneity harmonizes with nature and its fundamental elements. On the upper floor are the bedrooms and the office, all overlooking the lake and the Alps. American walnut parquet flooring lends intimacy and warmth to the night spaces. The light, diffused abundantly by the bay windows, reverberates differently on the black raw metal, light brass or polished stainless steel cladding, the immaculate walls, the furniture and the monumental chandelier in the dining room. A subtle balance between the rigorous lines of the building and the warmth of the interiors.

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