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A soothing and refined refuge

A soothing and refined refuge


Journey to the heart of an eclectic London apartment with a taste for beautiful materials and a focus on objects and artistic creations. Designed by Bergman & Mar, this beautiful space reflects the latest trends.

Entrusted to the care of Bergman & Mar, this beautiful apartment, ideally located in Lillie Square, London, is a showcase of modernity. The designers worked to create a contemporary home with a touch of elegance without overdoing it. In doing so, they used local and international craftsmen. Ingeniously shaped, the cocoon with its cozy yet chic décor, reflects an interior where noble materials are combined, magnified by a soft palette, punctuated in turn by touches of dynamic colors, to make the place sparkle. The space is pure and seductive, with its soft mix of materials and ultra-cool design pieces. In fact, every nook and cranny of the space was taken advantage of and nothing was left to chance. Special attention was paid not only to the details, but also to the meticulously selected decorative objects. Flooded with light, the three-bedroom apartment stands out above all for the double interior doors connecting the open-plan living room to the office area. The doors are finished with a mirror-like finish to reflect the beautiful brass suspension by Swedish brand Rubn Lighting and the striking dining table by Sean Dare. Another highlight is the large terrace on the top level of the adjacent building, perfect for relaxing against the backdrop of an impressive unobstructed view of the Square Mile. Scattered here and there, artworks and paintings by great artists, such as Slovenian painter Dusa Jesih, add a subtle touch to the whole.

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