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A pure and zen space

A pure and zen space


Located in the heart of Beirut, with a breathtaking view of the city center, this little “jewel” meets the requirements of its owners as well as those of the interior designer Zeina Behlok, who insisted on the presence of the five elements of feng shui (water, wood, fire, metal and earth) for the balance of energy.

The lobby, an integral part of the apartment, has a semblance of a “zen garden”, to recall the Japanese style requested by the owners, and plays the role of the “promenade” (terrace that goes around a typical Japanese house), counted as part of the house. The light slit in the ceiling, which starts in the lobby and ends at the back of the living room, precisely indicates the fusion of the two spaces. A simple and dynamic living room. In addition to the straight, well-groomed lines, the sliding glass and wood divider and the off-white leather Polar furniture by Tacchini give a pleasant dynamic to this reception area. Two large paintings by the famous Wajih Nahlé add touches of color, but also soften, thanks to the fluidity of their lines, the aggressiveness of the wall sculpture by J. Lerebourg, in welded steel blades, enclosing blocks of quarts and an amethyst ball.

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