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A mansion in Johannesburg

A mansion in Johannesburg

A mansion in Johannesburg image

Tripartite collaboration was required to complete this project in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cimato Moroldo Architects breathes life into the building that ARRCC transforms into a real living space, before OKHA personalizes it with a judicious choice of furniture and works of art.

For this Johannesburg mansion, the love of beauty had to coexist with the casualness necessary for friendly receptions and the poise indicated for other professionals. From the volume created by Cimato Moroldo Architects, ARRCC gets to work to update an environment where functions intermingle without colliding. The entrance on two levels, joined to the mainland by a cement bridge overlooking crystal clear water, plays the ingenuous. Outside, gray-clad walls surround it. Inside, the cocoon gives way to a transparent glass door. A contrast that continues with a lobby of generous proportions and snow-white surfaces impregnated with light. This obscure-clear passage gives tempo to the furniture of character, to the handicrafts, sculptures and other paintings expertly chosen by OKHA. Throughout this branded hallway, runs a wooded panel, whose cubic loopholes offer the visitor a cheeky window on the intimate part of the residence which houses the dining room, the bar, a cinema, two living rooms and the kitchen. From here, through touches of greenery, one even feels united with the patio and the gardens which follow them, offering the familiar visitor a refreshing swimming pool and the joys of an al fresco barbecue.

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