A luxury home in London by Kelly Hoppen


This house stands in South West London. In addition to being an independent structure, a rarity in the current English capital, it is signed by the famous designer Kelly Hoppen. This is to say if this is a luxury home!

From the height of its four floors, the house dominates the district of London. Its owners wanted the Kelly Hoppen touch on the interior. Having previously worked with them, the interior designer gave them what they wanted. A home that exudes the elegant and soft luxury, for which her works are recognized, enhanced with a personalized touch. This is subtly expressed by the fusion of the traditional and the modern, as well as by the hidden colors of this home, interspersed with the furnishings and accessories. Four bedrooms with bathrooms, three wardrobes, a gym, a home cinema and a roof terrace form the whole project. Not to mention the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and the reception areas. However, no monotony! Monochrome is transformed according to the function of the space, making each room a unique environment to explore. The sensational, used with distinguished parsimony, adds to the intrigue of the whole. It can be seen on the iron staircase with its garland of lights or in the chandelier in the dining room. A place of life whose exquisite softness makes you forget the gray of the London sky!

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