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A loft with soft lines in Moscow by Cartelle Design

A loft with soft lines in Moscow by Cartelle Design

It is in the Russian capital, Moscow, that the team at the Cartelle Design architecture studio takes up the challenge of bringing together three previously contiguous dwellings in a single volume. A new layout, successful with flying colors, where charm and class predominate.

In Moscow, Russia, the interior design studio of St. Petersburg, Cartelle Design, is responsible for the realization of a young couple’s home. The main objective of this challenge, to bring together three separate apartments into one functional space, based on the loft style. Thanks to the raw concrete, the well-selected coatings, the pure materials and the judicious use of metal supports, a warm but strict environment is created. The color scheme is monochrome: white, gray, black, natural wood. And the accents of bright furniture and textiles. In the living area, there is a large modular sofa ideal for resting. The ceiling of the living room is concrete, unfinished. In the TV area, wall panels with stone veneer are custom designed. The spacious kitchen-dining room is located in the center of the redeveloped area and has a stainless steel island. But the main highlight of this interior is a fully-fledged office for the owner, in which there is also a cozy corner for relaxation and reading. With its floors covered with light parquet and the abundance of decorative patterns on its walls, the loft exudes an atmosphere of refined comfort.

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