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A house buried between the woods in Istanbul

A house buried between the woods in Istanbul


In the heart of a wooded forest in Kemer Country, Istanbul, Turkey, stands this home designed by interior design studio Ofist.

Harmoniously balanced between the surrounding nature and the family’s hectic urban life, the residence features familiar simple materials and meticulous artwork. One of the wooden homes of the Kemer Country locals in Istanbul, this house was overly modernized, disconnected from its surroundings and had lost its relationship with the habitat. Ofist’s intervention started at the beginning of the pandemic, as the owners had to move out in a very short time. The infrastructure of the house is designed with an originality of tones and colors very visible at first glance. Owning one of the leading ready-to-wear companies in Turkey, the clients always follow the latest trends and are connoisseurs of fabrics, colors and textures. Having worked with them several times, the studio has become accustomed to this colorful and exciting journey. In addition, the focus is on warming up this isolated, over-modernized home and creating a connection to its verdant surroundings, while preserving the urban connection in the middle of the forest woods. The design is simple and clear, with quality implementations that fit the user perfectly like a couture suit made not only to look good but to be enjoyed and used.

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